‘Smart Net Surfing with Kids’ Parent Seminar (1): Healthy and Balanced Internet Life

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Location : Webinar
Start Time : 25 Sep 2021 14:00
End Time : 25 Sep 2021 15:30


Facing the threat of pandemic over a year, kids’ learning and activity modes during the leisure time have been significantly transformed. Time spent on online learning and games has greatly increased. Noticing children’s prolonged usage of electronic devices, parents may worry if their kids know the proper postures when using use the electronic devices to avoid unnecessary bodily harm, as well as how to prevent kids from being trapped in Internet addiction.  

The Education Bureau, Hong Kong Education City and Committee on Home-School Co-operation will jointly organise the ‘Smart Net Surfing with Kids’ Parent Seminar.  A physiotherapist will share on correct postures for using electronic devices together with some corresponding exercise therapy, and a representative from the Online Addiction Counselling Centre will explain the youth Internet world and development needs, as well as provide tips to parents in preventing kids from being Internet addictive. Details are as follows:



25 September 2021 (Saturday)


2:00pm - 3:30pm


Webinar (Cantonese session / English session)


Content and Speakers:

i. SMART Device  SMART Care  SMART Students

- Mr Kenneth LEUNG, Senior Physiotherapist, Kowloon Hospital


ii.  Balance Together

-  Mr Joe TANG, Centre-in-charge, Hong Kong Christian Service Online New Page - Online Addiction Counselling Centre


*Details of the webinar arrangement and preparation will be delivered via email on or before 24 Sep (Fri).
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