“Playtime with Children” Promotional Campaign - Promotional Resources for Parent Education Activities

07 Nov 2022
Kindergarten Primary Secondary Peer Support Positive Parent Campaign

Education Bureau
Education Bureau

Taking into consideration the school-specific contexts and students’ needs, schools can work with their PTAs to design and implement school-based parent education activities, such as inviting parents to share their parenting experiences, or introducing an award scheme to commend the families for engaging in parent-child play activities (including sports, music, dance, art and craft, and drama).  Schools are encouraged to make good use of the resources developed by the EDB to implement school-based parent education activities.

“Playtime with Children” Promotional Campaign

(i)“Call for Action: Sharing of Parent-child Games” Parents’ Action Handbook
Schools can promote the “Playtime with Children” Parents’ Action Handbook to parents and encourage them to play with their children, in order to create precious parent-child moments and pleasurable experiences.  Parents can capture the most memorable parent-child playtime in words and photos every month.  The Handbook helps parents understand the importance of playtime with children and set goals to foster a positive parent-child relationship through ongoing engagement in parent-child play.  

Playtime booklet en

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“Call for Action: Sharing of Parent-child Games” Website Page


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(iii)Instant Messaging stickers

(iv)Parent Education Exhibition Panel (pull-up banners) 
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