(Video)“Light Family” Parent Education Animation Series - Positive Parents, Practise What You Preach

12 Oct 2021
Kindergarten Primary Secondary Positive Parent Campaign

Education Bureau
Education Bureau

The “Light Family” parent education animation series has five episodes of animations. The content revolves around the family life and stories of “Mommy Light”, “Daddy Light”, “Warmie” and “Glowie”, through which parents can understand their vital role in the growth and learning of their children, and reflect on their ways of raising children.

The theme of the first episode of the animations is “Positive Parents, Practise What You Preach”. The story emphasises that parents should set an example for their children by teaching them to respect their elders and love their siblings, and also show care for and help others with a view to cultivating a positive and loving growth environment. 

More episodes of  “Light Family” Parent Education Animation Series:

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