The 2020/21 Award Presentation Ceremony of the SOW Creative Writing Competition cum SOW Picture Book Design Competition

17 Sep 2021
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Education Bureau
Education Bureau
The Deputy Secretary for Education, Mrs. HONG CHAN Tsui-wah, attended the 2020/21 Award Presentation Ceremony of the Creative Writing Competition cum  Picture Book Design Competition under the campaign “Promoting Positive Values and Attitudes through English Sayings of Wisdom (SOW)” organised by the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau (EDB) on 20 August 2021. She commended the award-winning schools and students in both competitions.

The EDB has actively implemented the SOW campaign in the 2020/21 school year to encourage students and the community to learn more about English SOW, and develop in students positive values and attitudes through appreciating these inspirational English sayings. The two competitions were well-received with over 1,000 entries from primary and secondary students.

Mrs. Hong was greatly impressed by the performance of the student winners in using the English language effectively in the Creative Writing Competition, and in using visual representations artistically to lend a fresh perspective to illustrating the beauty and essence of different English SOW in the Picture Book Design Competition. She applauded the uniqueness, creativity and excellent language competence students demonstrated. Special thanks were extended to the adjudicators for their support and professional judgement in selecting high-quality winning entries. She also thanked the principals, teachers and parents for their full support of students’ participation in the competitions. Mrs. Hong said that cultivating students’ positive values, attitudes and behaviours is essential for nurturing students’ good character and whole-person development. She appealed to schools for their continued support for the next round of SOW events in the new school year to sustain the momentum of enriching students’ English learning experiences.

In the 2021/22 school year, the EDB will launch a new round of the SOW campaign, with “Hope” as the annual theme, to integrate values education into English Language learning and to convey positive messages to students. Apart from developing and disseminating a variety of learning and teaching resources, for instance, on quotes from famous people and resources to support primary and secondary schools in planning and implementing the “Week of Hope”, a range of diversified learning activities will be organised to encourage students to unleash their creativity and bring positive energy to the campus. The positive messages of the SOW will continue to be brought into the community through promotional materials featured at various public transport networks as well as social media platforms. Details of the campaign in the 2021/22 school year and the relevant learning and teaching resources will be announced via the EDB Circular Memorandum / EDB website ( from time to time.

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