Curriculum Framework on Parent Education (Kindergarten)

02 Sep 2021
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Curriculum Framework on Parent Education (Kindergarten)

In accordance with the recommendation of the Task Force, the EDB has started to commission post-secondary institutions to develop a curriculum framework on parent education by phases for parents of students of kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools, which should be able to meet the needs of parents at each stage, and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for bringing up their children at different stages.  We hope that the curriculum framework will provide a common basis for systematic provision of territory-wide, community-based, school-based as well as e-learning parent education courses, providing parents with courses to achieve different objectives.

The newly-developed Curriculum Framework on Parent Education (Kindergarten) includes four core strands: “Understanding of Child Development”, “Promotion of Healthy, Happy and Balanced Development of Children”, “Promotion of Parents’ Physical and Psychological Well-being” and “Fostering Home-school Co-operation and Communication”.  Parents play key roles in their young children’s holistic development.  Currently, a variety of programmes/activities on home-school co-operation and parent education are organised by kindergartens and other organisations, including Parent-Teacher Associations, Federations of Parent-Teacher Associations, post-secondary institutions and non-governmental organisations.  The EDB encourages kindergartens and different organisations to make reference to the Curriculum Framework when designing related programmes/activities so that parents with children at kindergarten level can understand the holistic child development, promote healthy, happy and balanced child development, enhance their physical and psychological well-being, and foster home-school communication and co-operation.

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