"Mommy Light", "Daddy Light" emoji sticker pack (New Year version)

02 Feb 2021
Kindergarten Primary Secondary Education Info

The ambassadors of the Positive Parent Campaign, "Mommy Light" and "Daddy Light" have put on the Chinese costume extending new year greetings to all parents of Hong Kong, and the emoji sticker pack (Chinese New Year version) is launched. Two of the Chinese costumes for the ambassadors are the designs from the Champions of the primary group and secondary group of the “Our Ambassadors “Mommy Light” and “Daddy Light” celebrating the Lunar New Year – Auspicious Messages / Chinese Costume Design Competition”. You can download and install the sticker pack to mobile phone through the following link (action sticker pack, static sticker pack). Share the festival joy by sending the stickers with blessings to your beloved ones and friends. 


Topic: Positive Parent Campaign 正向 正向家長 

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