2021 World Book Day Fest E-sharing Sessions

23 Apr 2021
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Education Bureau
Education Bureau
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To continue fostering a reading culture in Hong Kong, the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and the Education Bureau (EDB) co-organise the 2021 World Book Day Fest.   The Fest comprises two e-sharing sessions to be conducted in Cantonese, which feature exchanges among renowned guest speakers and school principals on the following topics.  Parents, school heads, teachers, students as well as other members of the public, are welcome to view –

  • ( i )   “Reading in the New Normal”.The guests will share views on how to nurture children/students’ love of reading under the “new normal” in order to develop their good reading habits.In the sharing session, the guests will also introduce some reading materials under the “new normal” and recommend a number of quality books.The guest speakers include Mr Lester HUANG, the Chairman of SCOLAR; Ms CHAN Shin-kwan, Principal of SKH Holy Trinity Church Secondary School; Ms Alison CHAN, Board Chair of Bring Me A Book TM Hong Kong; Dr Shirley LOO, General Secretary of Family Development Foundation; and Dr Tse Wai-lok, Principal of Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Lee Shau Kee Primary School.Through this inspiring discussion among the guests, the audience may appreciate the importance of having good reading habits for personal growth.


  • ( ii )   “Parent-child Reading”.The guests will share their experience in parent-child reading and their views on how to create a good reading atmosphere for children through pleasurable parent-child reading.In the sharing session, the guests will also discuss the role of parents in parent-child reading and the types of books which appeal to children, as well as recommendations of quality parent-child reading books for parents’ reference.The guest speakers include Dr Shirley LOO, General Secretary of Family Development Foundation; Ms Sylvia CHAN, Principal of Ying Wa Primary School; Dr Joyce CHUN, a kindergarten Founding Director; Ms Carmen HO, daughter of Mr HO Chi, a renowned Hong Kong children’s literature writer; and Ms Christine MA-LAU, Chairperson of Character Education Foundation. Through the experience sharing among the guests, the audience can feel the joy of parent-child reading and understand the key to parent-child reading.


Members of the public are welcome to view the above two reading sharing sessions and share the joy of reading.  Videos of the sharing sessions have been uploaded onto SCOLAR’s website (https://scolarhk.edb.hkedcity.net/en/25a/world-book-day-fest), starting from 23 April 2021 World Book Day.


Topic: Learning Parent-child reading 

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