(Video) Reminding Each Other to Keep Hands Clean at HOME

29 Nov 2019
Kindergarten Primary Secondary Expert Advice

Centre for Health Protection
Centre for Health Protection Department of Health
We all know that teaching kids early in their lives create good habits.  Hand Hygiene is also one.  It is a simple task which can be easily learnt.  Our hands pick up germs everywhere, young children and adults alike.  Proper handwashing with soap and water helps to remove harmful germs and prevent spread of diseases.

Parents teach their children to clean hands before eating, after coughing or sneezing, after going to the toilet, or when hands get dirty, etc.  Yet, sometimes, we forget, for one reason or another.  Family members can remind each other either by saying “Please clean your hands” or by a simple hand gesture.  Children can also remind older family members when they notice that they forget to clean their hands when they should do so.  A positive response from the one being reminded will reinforce the family member who offers the reminder that good hand hygiene is the right choice.

Family members love each other.  Friendly reminders are not meant to upset or give each other a hard time, but to breed good and hygienic habits.  Let’s start by reminding our family members from today!

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