(Video) Healthy Living Series - Physical Activity for Young Children

17 May 2019
Kindergarten Expert Advice

Centre for Health Protection Department of Health

The Launch of the “Healthy Living Series” videos!

“Startsmart@school.hk” Campaign by the Department of Health has developed “Healthy Living Series”, which feature four motion graphic videos related to healthy living for young children. These videos aim to bring healthy message in relaxing and fun manner, which include - “The Fact about Fruit Juice”, “Don’t Use Food as a Reward”, “The Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable” and “Physical Activity for Young Children”.


Physical Activity for Young Children


How much physical activity do young children need every day? How can physical activity be integrated into their daily life? Do screen time categorise as Physical activity? What are the adverse effects of excessive screen time? Let’s watch Physical Activity for Young Children and find out together.


If you want to learn more information about healthy eating and physical activity, please visit our thematic website: http://www.startsmart.gov.hk.

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